Mindful 15 min Selfie

Find a place where you can get some peace, sit down and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths. Feel the air, feel gravity, and get comfortable. Take a few minutes, or 15 when you are ready, and then take a selfie #mindful15minselfie

The idea is that after meditating for 15 minutes you are in a more relaxed state, a more patient state, and a more capable state, and capturing that in a selfie will be interesting for you to look at, to compare to other selfies you take in the future to notice the changes, and frankly a more honest selfie to post online, if you want to share it.

If trying to clear your mind seems difficult, try noticing the internal sensations shown in the diagram below. They are all sensations, even the ideas, and the voice of the mind, and you can just watch them come and go. All we want to achieve, is just a little peace, to start with. The more you practice, the more peace, and the more insight that will emerge.

Audio available in the Fall.

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